Friday 11 September 2015

The Magpie Effect

I recently came to the realisation that I've been collecting and painting the Batman Miniature Game range of miniatures from Knight Models for over two years. 

I'm currently sitting on 54 fully painted miniatures for the game (spread over 7 crews, with various free agents), as well as a number of other miniatures in various WIP stages, as well as a host of unassembled miniatures, new in the packaging. 

While I appreciate that to most gamers out there, this is a small collection, to me it is quite outstanding. Why?

Because I suffer from something called the Magpie Effect. 

The Urban Dictionary describes it as this. 

Magpie Effect
An overwhelming urge to purchase an item of no practical value and/or out of once price range purely based on its appearance. 
Usually the item in question is either glittery or catching the light causing the victim to become entranced by said item.
Actually, as I type this, I also realise that most games are victims of this also...
The primary way in which this affects me is a desire to buy all manner of shiny miniatures, start building and painting them with zealous abandon, and then get bored of them a few weeks/months later. 
It's why in nearly 20 years of gaming, I've only ever been able to complete one whole Warhammer 40K army, despite having owned dozens. It's also why I'm eyeing up my fledgling Stormcast Eternal army for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar with what can only be described as morbid trepidation. 
Somewhere, deep down, I know I'll never finish them, and they'll be foisted on eBay before long, the proceeds funding the next project. I really want to finish them, I really do, but my gut feeling is I won't. 
Which is why the Batman Miniature Game from Knight Models is such a curious beast for me. As mentioned at the outset, I've been collecting and painting these miniatures for well over two years now. My enthusiasm for the game, which can fluctuate to a degree admittedly, is still going strong. 
I've just had a couple of months break from painting miniatures for the game (or rather, from completing any painted miniatures for the game) while other projects took over, but now I'm back to it, and have recently finished Mr Freeze:

I'm not sure what it is the keeps me going with BMG exactly, but I think it's a number of factors. For one thing, I'm a massive Batman fan, and love the source material, and have a decent knowledge of it. 
Then theres the amazing miniatures Knight Models continue to produce. Each release gets better and better, not to mention the game itself (if you haven't seen the new rulebook yet, do yourself a favour, and check it out, it is lovely). 
Then there is the community. I've been an admin for the Arkham City Limits Facebook group for the last 18 months or so, and the community has grown massively in such a small amount of time. We have some great members who produce some truly inspiring work. 
Whatever the exact reason, I'm glad that this game keeps my creative juices flowing and holds my interest as it does. Now, if only other games companies could follow suit!